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We were talking about face-clearing electrolysis the other day, and I likened it to paying off a mortgage, in that the sessions in the beginning don't seem to be making much difference, while the latter sessions really start to obviously reduce the number of visible hairs.  It struck me that it should be possible to create a mathematical model of the process, incorporating number of hairs removed in a typical session, rate of success on a particular hair, frequency of sessions, rate of regrowth, etc... 

With some customization given individual's actual or perceived rates and provider's efficiency, it ought too be possible to develop optimal strategies for frequency and number of sessions required to get one's face cleared via electrolysis.  It seems that this ought to give better predictions than empirically-determined "ballpark" estimates that we toss about.  I'm curious if anyone has tried this? 


For a cost model:
So, my electrologist told me she can do 8-12 hairs per minute.  I think she does more, based on my experience with her, but that is a good basis.  She is currently $88 and hour.   $1.47 per minute, or per every 8-12 hairs.  So, let's make it round and say 10 hairs for $1.47, or nearly 0.15ยข per hair.  Now, we need to know the number of hairs, then calculate the number of hairs in the other two stages of growth for future successive clearings.  And we need a variable to address the failed killings because, well, no one is perfect and kills every hair with 100% efficiency.

  Hey you two!  I'm already apprehensive about making an appointment to start my face removal. With all the discussions of pain involved and dangers of pain relief it's bad enough. Now you want me to think about the cost per hair the amortization of hairs over time? I'm sure the huge cost involved could cause me to take out a mortgage to pay for it and I don't even own a house.
    Maybe I'll just keep shaving...

  Thanks a lot, LOL

Hi, Dayta

Your suggestion sounded interesting so I made a very crude spreadsheet that allows for various hair densities, operator timings and such. Unfortunately it looks like I can't attach or upload it, and would have to put it on some other server to  include a screenshot.

If you're interested, I've attached a text-format version of one possible scenario below.

Area   300   cm2                              
Density   30   hairs /cm2                              
Active   9000   hairs                              
Active %   70%                                 
Dormant %   30%                                 
Dormant   2700   hairs                              
Grand total   11700   hairs                              
Hair cycle   180   days                              
Operator speed   5   per minute                              
Miss rate   5%                                 
Rate   100   /hour               

SessionInterval (days)Time (minutes)New activeNew dormantStart activeStart totalTreatedMissedEnd activeEnd dormantEnd totalCost10120009000117006003084002730111302002712010698840811130600307808275210560200371201079178241056060030722427669990200471201088472479990600306647277394202005712010878667894206003060782772885020067120108716115885060030551527658280200771201086455588280600304958275277102008712010758500777106003044072733714020097120106514462714060030386227086570200107120105453922657060030332226786000200117120104393387600060030278726435430200127120103332858543060030225826024860200137120101262333486060030173325574290200147120992018124290600301212250837202001571209814129537206003069524553150200167120958783315060030183239725802001760120799189632580600303631647201020018601205493687620106003027611641440200196012038828636144060030368348702002060602784311870300151157458510021603019112015851508513914435022603013051764431508262743005023903013741593001508914815850241202099210615810056566233.33251501047252625032131516.6726180313015151510115Total days1005         Total cost4105Total years2.75           
If you want to make your own spreadsheet, here are the values and formulas:

Area: Area to be cleared in cm2
Density:   Hairs per cm2
Active: Hairs counted in one cm2 area x total area to be cleared
Active %: Percentage of hairs in the active phase
Dormant %: 1-active %
Dormant: Active * dormant %
Grand total: Active + dormant
Hair cycle: Your hair cycle

For the first row the interval, new active and new dormant fields are 0. The start total is the grand total.

Time is the session time in minutes.
New active is dormant hairs at the end of the previous session x days since last session / hair cycle.
New dormant is active hairs at the end of the previous session x days since last session / hair cycle x dormant %.
Start active is active hairs at the end of the previous session + new active - new dormant
Start total is the total hairs at the end of the previous session
Treated is session time x operator speed
Missed is treated x miss rate
End active is start active - (treated - missed)
End dormant is dormant at end of previous session - new active + new dormant + missed
End total is end active + end dormant
Cost is rate * session time / 60
Total days is a total of the intervals between sessions
Total years is total days / 365

I hope this is of some help...

There's the cost in terms of pain, and how much you can deal with at a time. Plus the intensity of the machine vs the risk of skin damage.

I suspect by the time you've modeled it well you'll be half way though your electrolysis, and won't have anyone else to compare it to anyway.


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