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Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had any advise on yoga routines, I know there's a ton out there on youtube but I was trying to figure a way to target the bad habits I developed pretending to be a guy, like my shoulders and hips are always tensed and super tight, and my overall range of motion is a joke.
So I'm not looking for like workout yoga but more like flexibility and posture that I can do in the morning.


Any that you can do will help with flexibility if you keep at it regularly. 

Best would be to find a class or instructor  so you can learn to do the postures correctly. 

If that's not possible look for beginner stuff that might have some how to with it. 

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Hey! I am glad you have asked something of my interest. Yes There are so many things on the internet related to YOGA routines and anything but that does not satisfy me. I prefer reading this amazing article on Yoga Burn and also to have more idea you need to see what your target is. If you want to lose weight you should know yoga helps and in burning fat and calories and that would be amazing.

I have been practicing for about 10 years and would strongly recommend taking a "Foundations" class at a local Yoga studio (NOT at a gym or the Y) as a way to start your practice. There is a great potential for injury when postures are done incorrectly. A dozen or so classes with a teacher's supervision will be a valuable investment for the rest of your life.

A few things to consider:
Are you interested in Yoga for physical benefits, psychological benefits, as a spiritual practice or a combination of these?
Although Yoga is a physical practice with an exercise component, it is spiritual practice intended to quiet the mind to allow a person to focus on who they are. The body, mind and spirit are inseparable so Yoga will improve posture and flexibility, both psychologically and physically.

What is your age, weight and overall physical health? Do you have any disabilities?
Hatha Yoga is the umbrella term for all forms of Yoga, but not all forms of Yoga are suitable for all people.

The "Sun Salutation" is a great way to begin a practice at home:

The focus is on the breath, with each movement corresponding to either an inhale or exhale. Do as many repetitions as is comfortable for you (two or three would be a good start).

Practice is traditionally closed by deep relation called Savasana:

Fee free to PM if you would like to discuss this more off line.

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