Author Topic: Automatic ban for griping about the forum pm notifications, or the monthly goal  (Read 183 times)

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Any member posting a public message, private message, or sending email to Susan or another staff member complaining about the monthly goal, or the two forum private messages we send out per month, will find their welcome here ended.

That includes messages like:


Can you please explain what the monthly donation goals are for?  I have a website myself and it only costs me $90 a year to maintain.  The constant messages asking for donations is really baffling to me, and I'd like to understand it.  Thank you.

When your web site has saved hundreds or thousands of lives; and/or is doing 300,000 unique visitors per month, and transferring over a terabyte of data per month, for $90 talk to me, but believe me it's not happening.

For the last time...

The monthly goal covers both the direct site expenses, equipment, and the costs of our one full time staff member, me.

I am getting roughly $1,600 per month or $400 per week with over 60-100 hours per week worked for myself. At minimum wage with overtime I should be making a minimum of $290 in regular wages and $217.50 in overtime, a total of over $500.00 per week or $2,000 per month. However with the type of highly skilled work I am doing wages generally run $25-$50 per hour ($2,000-$4,000 per week), not counting additional benefits (Health insurances, retirement, etc) which I don't receive either. The $400 per week is to meet my personal expenses; no more, no less; and I have not had a raise in my portion of the monthly goal since 2013.

An additional $400 per month pays the electricity, heating and air conditioning, Enterprise internet service, and part of the rent (The server equipment has it's own dedicated room)

500$ of the $2,500 monthly goal is in place to try to build an operational buffer, something we haven't had much luck with, so far... Ideally I would like to have 3-6 months of monthly expenses in the bank ($6,000-$12,000) for monthly goal shortfalls, and other emergencies.

This subject has been repeatedly discussed:,145185.0.html

And this will be the last time.

No one is required to donate or subscribe. If you choose to do so, know that it is appreciated; I will also put the money to good use, either directly for the site, to cover my expenses.

With that all being said, eventually it would be nice to be able to get some of the money I have put into Susan's Place over the years (Estimated to be around $200,000 over 17 years in time, labor, lost wages, and cold hard cash up till the time the members began contributing to support the site.) back out, but don't worry I am not asking for it back any time soon...

The reason a ban is warranted is that at the bottom of every newsletter we tell you how to ensure that you no longer receive these notifications, and I am just tired of hearing about it.


Please note, this newsletter was sent to you via forum pm, we do not send it out via email. If you received an email notification about it, that is because you have the option set to receive notifications of new private messages turned on in your profile. You can turn that off at any time. Our newsletter is sent monthly to all registered members of the forums.
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 Thank you Susan for explaining in detail once again. Personally it is the first time I have seen it. I took the stated operational costs at face value and have not had an issue with it.
  What I have had a problem with in regards to the cost is that there is a problem every month I have been here meeting that cost. With as many people that come here and enjoy the features of the site that should never happen. It boggles my mind. Sure I know there are those that cannot afford to contribute, and there are those that contribute what they can every month. And then there are those that utilize the site that could contribute but don't. It is those in the last group that I would like to see help out.
   I do my share, as does your regular supporter base, but i would like to see more people lend a hand if they are able to do so. Any amount helps and each donation adds up.

  Just my 2 cents,
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