Author Topic: Dealing with nasty LGBT people  (Read 102 times)

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Dealing with nasty LGBT people
« on: May 13, 2017, 01:35:55 am »
Has anyone had to deal with another person from the LGBT community being an asshole and possibly discriminatory another LGBT person?

To give context I've been living in gender neutral housing with my University this past school year. Sadly, my first roommate turned out to be a psychaotic when there was a small miscommunication. They decided to wake up me up early in the morning, scream at me as a way to use me as an emotional punching bag, told me to shut up, and that I should have been grateful for having them wake me up for class. Once they left I immediately emailed my RA because I didn't trust them to not be violent, which turned out to be when I moved out. A day later I discover that my RA she was out of town and didn't take it seriously until I spoke with her the next week. The psychaotic person became extremely possessive by hiding toiletries and separating food, and I couldn't use the kitchen. I was told by the community manager that I would need a police report of me being physically assaulted to have them kicked out. Since I wasn't going to wait for that I decided to move out. The move ended being horrible as they got violent and threw all of my food out. The only thing the RA was required to do was to tell them that it was unfair that they pushed me out and that was it. A real slap on the wrist. This person is gay and I cannot for the life of me understand why they thought acting like was ok. Since then they stare at me when I've passed by which is pretty creepy. Apparently they want to volunteer at the LGBT centers in LA and SF and I don't feel as though I can partipate in community if I they're going to be there. I've been hestiate to talk about this since most people I've talked to just brush it off which invalidates my feelings.
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Re: Dealing with nasty LGBT people
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2017, 10:31:06 am »
It sounds like they are just a jerk and not discriminating against you for being trans, unless there is more to the story that you are leaving out.
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Re: Dealing with nasty LGBT people
« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2017, 11:18:43 am »
I had a gay retired psychiatrist I was friends with for years that told me I was 'confusing' him the last time I visited him. He's always known i'm a post op.. but apparently he was having issues with me;  Either he was attracted to me even though he was gay, or something else which caused him all sorts of internal issues apparently.  Needless to say after he told me this I haven't been back to visit with him.. which is sad because we had some common interests including medicine, gardening, etc.  I have never EVER been accused of being even remotely 'gay' at least on the male spectrum.  Female side, I've been accused of being a lesbian by multiple folks for whatever reasons.  Its irritating to me, because I don't exactly act butch, and I certainly don't dress like it.  I 'pass' just fine as a female.. and like to wear cute outfits but not too revealing.

Honestly I think psychotic or irrational behaviors is fairly common in the LGBT community.. though I'm not sure which came first (the chicken or the egg).. Does the mental disorders occur because of lack of social support, feeling like an outcast, being physically & emotionally abused? Or is it simply a symptom of the larger population in general, but folks feel more 'empowered' to act out in the community because they think its ok?  Maybe its something else.  I have no idea, I just try to behave & at like a decent human being to everyone I meet regardless of orientation.