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Anyone here have pet rats?

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Does anyone here have pet rats? I've been keeping them for the best part of a quarter century and love their cheeky little personalities. Here are photos of my and my fiancée's current lot. Most of them are from breeders apart from Didcot and Timble who are rescues. Teal'c and Elara will hopefully be having a litter later this year to make some lovely Siamese and Burmese babies.







What A Poser (WAP)






Grimalkin (Grimmy)

Jackanapes (Napes)

Snickersnee (Snee)



What's Yer Name (Wyn)

I'm a rat owner and I love them to pieces. I only have two, but that's all I can handle- they're always up to something so I need to watch them very closely. I can't imagine how you can keep up with so many at once!
  You're a lucky rat mom to have such a big family! O'Neill and Potato are especially adorable imo
  Best Wishes

Jennifer RachaelAnn:
I raised rats for a long time when I was younger. They were just normal pet store rats, but I was crazy about them. My first two were an albino female, and a black male. They were named Ghost and Demon. I was kinda in a gothic point at the time. I let them breed once. I gave away a couple of the babies, and the mother ate the rest. So if you're not used to breeding them, watch the mother closely, once the babies are weaned, and have some spare cages/aquariums/whatever ready.

Paul Muad-Dib:
I don't have any myself, but I did care for some when I was working in pet stores or looking after them for friends during uni break some years back. They're more intelligent and resourceful than I expected them to be, and far more social as well. Didn't they just discover rats can laugh and respond to being tickled with high frequency laughter?

They are sweet.  Are you sure that they really are rats and not Basil's Siberian Hamsters (Mesocricetus fawltytowerus manuelii)?


I wonder why Norway rats and black rats aren't quite so cute.


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