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Any chinese girls in UK
« on: May 14, 2017, 02:50:47 pm »
Hi I am thinking of if there are any chinese girls living in UK currently. I am about to go to PAI and have my final surgery done there in the middle of July. Hope I am lucky and make some friend in UK. I am quite lonely here.

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Hi all,
I am a Chinese girl currently living in Basingstoke UK.  I have my final surgery booked in PAI Thailand this July. Is there any post-op girls who want to share me some tips? All advices are welcome.

By the way, i am quite lonely here. It is good if i can make some friend here.
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Not sure what arrangements are made with PAI but in no particular order I'd suggest.

Take a media player you can hook up to TV
Take baby wipes with you
Extra long charge cable for your phone
Plug adaptors
Buy a big data sim card on arrival
Install Google Translate, Google maps & Uber (if you fancy going out)
Install My PillBox (android app or equivalent for med reminders)
If you need your own groceries Tesco Lotus deliver
Take lots of cheap knickers (think I took about 30)
Couple of skirts and a half dozen Tshirts go a long way
Bring any vitamin supplements you usually take in case you can't get equivalents
If you need to change money in Thailand take your passport with you
A 1 hour full body massage at the medical school in temple of the reclining goddess is amazing preop (to physical for fresh postop)
On the way home take the wheelchair

You probably already have but read up on trips from others as they can be full of extra ideas.

With the generic warning of - Don't try this at home kids!!!! (You're a big girl and self med so you know the risks and I'll tell you straight)

Depending on your own situation you may want to take your meds with you. I took mine with me and got my surgeons permission to resume my meds after surgery.

Apart from that have fun and enjoy what you can :)


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Hi Evelyn, I'm half chinese and my family have lived in Macau, Hong Kong and Shanghai for over 400 years. I now live in Bangkok most of the time. I speak Cantonese and my manager speaks mandarin. I had my srs, ba and ffs at PAIin January last year. You made a great choice with PAI.

I also have a foundation to financially assist and morally support Asians in transitioning and surgery in Thailand. I do this to give back to the Tg community and have assisted over 6 persons this year. I have a full time nurse in Bangkok to assist those with pre and post surgery here, especially the patients of PAI. You need not be lonely or worried and my team are here to help you with any questions and also to keep you company if you are alone.

When we first start our journey the perception and moral values all dramatically change in wonderment. As we evolve further it all becomes normal again but the journey has changed us forever.

SRS January 21st,  2558 (Buddhist calander), 2015