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Does anyone have experience with botox?

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One of my friends had botox.  She had no lines or wrinkles but she said if you start botox before you get wrinkles you can prevent them. So I consulted with a physician who does botox. He said he would not do botox on me because I was way to young. He said come back and see him when I was 35 and then we would talk. My friend is my age and her Dr does it on her. So I am wondering if the Dr I consulted with was overly conservative with procedures or if her Dr will just do anything for the money. Does anyone have experience with botox?

Not had botox myself but from what I've read botox is a type of poison which paralyses your face; so it won't prevent wrinkles; just make them less visible for a few months until it wears off.

The physician definitely sounds like someone who isn't doing it for the money. Unfortunately there are now people getting botox done in their late teenage years or early 20s because they see imperfections that simply aren't there and you have dubious physicians willing to take their money even though they know it's not necessary.

Charlie Nicki:
How old are you? I've heard 30 is the best age to start.


--- Quote from: Charlie Nicki on May 30, 2017, 10:43:50 am ---How old are you? I've heard 30 is the best age to start.

--- End quote ---

Agree. 30 is probably around the age when you start seeing lines that are actually visible.

I just turned 28.


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