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Does anyone have experience with botox?

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Yeson uses botox in his voice surgeries and one of our members was physically ill for several months before the small amount of botox used in the procedure was eliminated from her body. Botox is the refined Botulinum toxin which is extremely deadly however if carefully administered is safe for most people. My advice is don't use Botox until you need it and then consider the decision very carefully. Botox was originally developed to paralyze muscles for other medical conditions and then it was discovered it could be used for cosmetic reasons as well so wrinkle removal was an off label usage of the medication.

Miss Clara:
Female life expectancy in developed continues has risen into the 80s.  A white woman aged 65 will likely live another 20 years.  Advances in medical technology are largely responsible.  It's getting to the point where the latter half of one's life is spent looking old.  Many women grow into old age smoothly.  They accept their deteriorating bodies -- graying hair, extra weight, sagging breasts, loss of muscle tone, and wrinkled skin. 

As a late transitioning woman, I struggle with the inevitability of becoming an old woman before my time.  I missed the years of being a young woman.  It's my greatest lament.  I want to recoup as many of those lost years as I can.  Keeping fit, losing weight, and battling wrinkles and sags is important to me, for a few more years anyway.  Face lifts, laser skin resurfacing, moisturizers, fillers, AND Botox are all in my arsenal to fight off the ravages of old age.  Do they work?  They sure do.  Botox will even help get rid of existing forehead wrinkles, frown lines, and crows feet.  I have injections once a year.  I never experienced any ill effects.  It's worth it.

I do injectables once a year as well... I am actually due next month! :) ...I do it through a dermatologist and recommend finding someone who does it a lot!!! Not just as a occasional money maker on the side... I get a both Dysport ( which is like Botox but supposedly lasts a bit longer and Restylane which is more of a hyaluronic acid filler) ... I am always happy with them and have never had a bad reaction or problem other than a couple days of looking lik I had needles stuck in my face!!! YMMV!!!

Onward we go!!!

Ashley :)

I know Botox is difficult to buy without prescription, that's mean that you risk buying low-quality injectable product that can have negative consequences for your health. I would advise you to read more information about Botox and its effects on facial muscles. It seems to me that you need to know more about this before starting Botox injection therapy. I also thought about taking course of treatment with Botox for wrinkles and to slightly change my appearance without surgery, but so far I'm just reading more information about it.

A good doctor will not do Botox on you if not neccessary, so it seems like he made a sound decision. But I have a question for you, why Botox? Why not some other age prevention injections? Did you look into Profhilo.etc ? It's amazing for prevention, and it really works without freezing your face, also Botox you can do later on. I mean even certain lasers are amazing, i do them and it's just perfect for the skin, when done well.


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