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Dr. Haben Patients getting bills that were already paid

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Hey there,

          Just wanted to let everyone know that the Unity Hospital of Rochester, where Dr. Haben's patients are for surgery, is apparently having computer issues with their new billing system. I received a bill yesterday for my surgery performed in late 2015! After calling Dr. Haben's office, I was informed that the hospital got a new billing system and it may have some issues. I was told to ignore the bill and I shouldn't get any more. Apparently, I'm not the first to get a bill for something that I don't actually owe. Just wanted to give people a heads up.


Yea, I got a few after mine last year.  I scanned them and sent them to Dr. Haben.  He replied and said ignore them. lol

I realized I wasn't supposed to pay the anesthesiologist until well after I did so last week as the office was closed, I sent an email to the billing office. Turns out they made a mistake and sent me the bill instead of Dr Haben's office. They said they would cut a refund check for me and bill Dr Haben's office instead. I had suspected that they double billed but that wasn't the case. It was just a case of sending the bill to the wrong address which I am not exactly sure why they had in the first place.

hey i know this post is really old and this is a long shot, but do you have another recording of your pre-op and post-op voice? the old links are expired.

Northern Star Girl:

--- Quote from: gardenstore on August 16, 2021, 07:53:44 am ---hey i know this post is really old and this is a long shot, but do you have another recording of your pre-op and post-op voice? the old links are expired.

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