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Random: Any Baseball Fans Out There?

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This is kind of random, but as my name suggests, I am a big baseball fan.  Any other baseball fans out there?  I am a Cubs fan, so I had a pretty good year :)

I like the blue jays


--- Quote from: natalie.ashlyne on June 19, 2017, 07:56:42 pm ---I like the blue jays

--- End quote ---

I recently went to my first Blue Jays game!  I really enjoyed it.  I enjoyed the whole town actually.

When I lived in the US (I've been teaching in Thailand for the past seven years, but about to return to the US) I liked baseball, but all the crotch-scratching and spitting made me feel nauseous, so instead I watched little league and church picnic baseball games. Those are much funnier and more enjoyable, not to mention FREE!

But I'm that way..I love informal sports just as much, or more than professional ones.

In Thailand I've had wonderful new sports to follow, from cow fights (Thai Brahman bulls fighting each other by shoving) to petanque (like a giant marbles game), from "yang" (jumping games played with a double rope made of rubber bands) to takrow (game using heels and body to control and send a rattan ball either over a net or into a net hung 20 feet above the court).

Cow fights (these are even on TV on a special channel, which also includes <not allowed> fights and bird song contests)


yang: In Thailand, it's played a bit different, with very high leaps


Wow, those are some sports I have never seen before.  Huh, I thought I was aware of all the major sports out there.


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