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I got rejected..need advice


Hi, first off I am sorry if I put this in the wrong section.

I have known this girl for a year, shes trans like me. At first we were close, then sadly drifted away, then for 4 months now became close again, and I have developed feelings for her. She and I would flirt a lot, and we have so much in common. We're both big anime fans, both anti cultural marxism and feminism, both same height and weight, and so much more. So I asked her out on a date last week, and she said no, that she wasnt interested in me like that. I felt devastated. I felt played, what was all the flirting for, nothing? And yesterday, she went to a pride parade without me :(
I feel crushed, i couldnt stop thinking of her, id even daydream about us being so devastated i dont know what to do. i havent dated, kissed, hugged, cuddled, or have had any intmacy with anyone since i was 17 (almost 24 now). :(

no help...thanks -_-

Honestly I do think you  could have gotten more responses in a different section. I'm still fairly new so I'm not sure which exactly. As to your problem, that is soul crushing to say the least as it does make giving your love away next time much harder. Maybe it wasn't meant to be. Maybe the next person will be the one. Many people spend their entire lives looking for that one. It can be like gambling each time. All i  can say is keep your head high, spirits up and keep going.

I'd ask her if she happens to know anyone you can ask out on a date.  Since she is apparently not interested in you, you have nothing to lose by asking.  And you might gain something. 

Several years ago I asked a girlfriend who had drifted a bit the same question.  Initially she was offended - and then she showed more interest and started communicating more.  We dated for two years after that.


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