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I find drawing very therapeutic and calming for me, but I have a problem, I don't know what to draw. I cant do very elaborate things like scenery and I prefer just using a pencil and not too many colors. What type of stuff can I draw, or learn to draw easily? What did you guys start out by drawing? How can I make drawing a hobby I do more often?

Mystical Babs:
What I did when I started out is that I did simple characters (my brother begged for Pokémon, so I have a full sketchbook of them <^•^' and most of them were simple because I rarely added shading and color). If you don't have anything in specific to draw, you can always draw drawing references. If you look up "Draw the Squad", the pictures and easy enough (but not too easy sometimes) and they're mostly hilarious and you can make them your own by adding in details!
You can also get a small sketchbook that you can fit into a bag so you can draw wherever you want.

If you're stuck for ideas, try searching google for "30 day art challenge," you will find a lot of ideas there with lists of things you can draw, sometimes with themes, sometimes not. I say pick one you like and give it a go!

I used to always draw as a guy, I drew one portrait yesterday as I had a day off check it on Insta, Rachel_Christina_2JZ

Here are some old ones I did as a guy so obvs I'm cutting out my old name lol

Drawing is something you really have to keep up. I lost alot of my abilities when I stopped :/
With work and life you just don't get the chance to.

When I was young all I would do was draw the women I wanted to be :')

Janes Groove:
If you want to learn to draw pick up a copy of Betty Edwards, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.  Still the best how to on drawing I know of.  There are a bunch of exercises in there to teach you how to improve your drawing no matter what level you are at.  The theory behind the book is based on the Zen Buddhism teaching that beginners mind is something we should ALWAYS strive to cultivate.

These days I mostly do ZenTangles.


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