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Jennifer RachaelAnn:
Anyone else here into the violent sports? Things like MMA, WWE, boxing, and the like? I used to be obsessed with WWE, but lost interest in it after Wrestlemania 24. I don't get lucky enough to catch much MMA much, but when I do, I watch until it's done for the night. I don't really know any of the fighters so I can't pick a favorite. I watch boxing once in a while. It's not on any of the channels I have, but once in a great while. And since I really don't know anybody in the ring/octagon, I'm not going to buy a pay-per-view. For me, the bloodier the better.

I liked wrestling way back when they called it the WWF...

Seemed to have a much better format then, though really I think NFL is a more entertaining violent sport. It would be better if they got rid of the helmets and "protective" equipment that are used as battering rams and what lead to most concussions, rather than protecting from them though.

I'm not into boxing or wrestling, but I just love MMA. Two combatants trying to kill each other with their bare hands. It's the best.I love the machines of war, too. So, yeah, addicted to violence. Better head over to the Addiction forum and spill my guts in a new thread!  :laugh:

Hugs, Devlyn

I'm not into fighting at all. I don't like to see 2 people beat the <not allowed> out of each other. But, and this is going to sound so bad and so unladylike but I'm being honest, I love watching people hurt themselves. Afv and other shows where people trip, do faceplants, get whacked in the balls, etc have me on the floor laughing.

If I wasn't fragile, clumsy and out of shape I'd be an MMA fighter or a boxer in a heart beat. In fact, once I've transitioned and have money money to dispose of I'd looooooove to take martial arts....
I'm also from Alabama originally, very close to the NASCAR race tracks....I do not watch the races or go, but I have explicitly expressed that if they had a special of crashes only I would watch the **** out of it.


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