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Amy Chislett:
Does anyone know of light or weak commercial shampoos?  I use baking powder most of the time cause I like to get away from the commercial, heavy grade, strip every last lipid molecule off the scalp shampoos.  I also a bit steam punk.  I use a dandruff one occasionally but was interested in going back to a mild commercial cleaning more regularly.  I am thinking baby shampoo even.  I have even concocted my own potions, but won't advise this or give out recipes as 'results tend to be variable'.

I've been using Aveeno Pure Renewal shampoo - it seems to be easy on the hair.  I like to swim, so shampoo frequently to get the chlorine out.  I have also been applying a coconut oil mask weekly - that has a lasting penetrating effect.

I use SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo along with its leave in conditioner.

It’s a little more expensive than some others but leaves my hair really nice.

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Conditioners usually have some cleanser in them.
I condition within every shower, every day, but shampoo maybe once a week.


As Chrissy said, conditioning makes the biggest difference. I had to teach my wife and daughters how to use conditioner. They would put it in their hair and immediately rinse it out. What a waste!

Get a good quality conditioner. My shower routine is:
1. Shampoo hair and rinse
2. Put conditioner in (leave it in!)
3. Wash body
4. Brush teeth (yes I am weird, I brush my teeth in the shower)
5. Shave (I also shave in the shower; if you think that’s weird, I usually open the windows during my shower even when it’s cold out)
6. Rinse out excess conditioner

You want the conditioner in for at least 5 minutes (I think my bottle says 2 minutes, but 5 seems to give better results). I just leave it in while I am doing my other shower stuff and don’t rinse it until I am done with everything else.

If you have a good quality conditioner and you let it soak in before rinsing, your hair should look and feel great!

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