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Quite a few broken links

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I noticed a few broken links on the Hair Removal page so I ran the W3C Link Checker.  (W3C is the World Wide Web Consortium).  The W3C link checker isn't perfect, but that combined with some manual validation found:

Wiki Main Page, "About us" near the footer has a broken link:

Wiki Main Page, 3 links in "About us" point to same (not a specific page or topic)
 - Links
 - Web Site Reviews
 - much more  (maybe this one is ok directing to Susan's home page)

Hair Removal page has 3 broken links:
 - "Reasons for removing hair" section, "shaving" link is broken
 - "See Also" section, Bikini Waxing is broken
 - "See Also" section, Brazilian Waxing is broken

I don't want to complain... I want to help.  Susan's Wiki took a ton of work to create and the page view statistics are huge. 

And an idea for the main Wiki page.  Should we add an automatic counter to show the number of page views since the Wiki was established in May 2005?


Thank you, Kendra!  Great list of links to mend.

I appreciate the effort.


  I knew Kendra was going to be good for something.. someday we might find out what.

 luvs ya Kendra  :-* :-*


Pay raise!


--- Quote from: Kendra on September 02, 2017, 09:03:41 am ---Pay raise!

--- End quote ---

My God, she has been on the job for 24 hours and wants a pay rise.

Kids of today  :rolleyes: :icon_rolleyes2: :icon_yikes:


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