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fluctuations in what unread posts are displayed.

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  I do not know if I am seeing a problem with the site or whether it is from some other cause but I am seeing wide fluctuations in what unread post listings. This happens between log ins. I'll go off line with 3 or 4  pages of unread posts and the next time I log in there are 2 pages. It seems to be occurring more recently but has been happening for awhile now.
  For an example last night when I logged off there were 4 pages and when I logged in today there were only two. Now I am sure I wasn't logging in and reading those missing posts in my sleep. I can even get more specific with a couple of the missing threads.... My road trip thread and HappyMoni's surgery thread were both on the unread list before I logged out and were not there there morning.
    Whatever is happening it is annoying. Can anyone explaing what is going on?


The link at the top of the page only displays unread posts since your last visit..

It's probably a rogue admin meddling with your account settings to make you think you're going crazy...  >:-)

<running away>

Constructing the screen requires a good deal of cross linking in the data base for each user. Because of storage requirements and overhead maintaining it, Susan clears the list at least once a day and sometimes twice a day. One clearing seems to happen around 8-9 AM server time and the other if it happens occurs in the afternoon server time.


--- Quote ---in the afternoon server time.
--- End quote ---

What time zone is the server in?


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