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Not happy with my face
« on: July 09, 2017, 06:18:42 pm »
I want to look more femenine but I don't know how. I am not happy with my face. What tips can you give me to look better? I still look quite masculine.

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My jaw is too square and big. I think that is my main problem.
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Re: Not happy with my face
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2017, 07:04:55 pm »
Hi, lmph8885!

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With that out of the way, the 'secret' to facial feminization of appearance is makeup, and a bit of practice.  You can work on a couple of areas to improve the feminine aspects of your face.

First, a little work around the eyes can go a long way.  Just tidying up eyebrows by brushing upward and trimming the longest hairs helps.  Then add a little definition with an eyebrow pencil.  You'll want to draw the brow line out and up about 2/3 of its length, then bring it downward.  Lots of Youtube videos on this!  Combine with some very basic lighter eye makeup to hide the bluish tint of bags under the eye and reducing the eye socket perceived depth.

For the jawline and cheeks, you can combine a bronzer, blush, and highlighter to alter the jawline and cheeks.  Use a tinted sunblock/foundation over the face, often called 'BB Creme', hopefully a reasonable color match.  I'm pale, so I look for a 'fair' or 'light' tint. Just work it in evenly with you fingers for now.  You can get a fancy foundation brush and learn about 'stippling' later.

Use a little blush on the cheeks.  Smile really hard and look at where the cheeks bulge out just below the eyes.  Use a brush to dust a little bit of blush on there.  Be subtle!  You aren't a Raggedy Ann doll! 

Get out the bronzer, and a fluffy brush.  Yes, I've even resorted to a  1 1/2" fine paintbrush when desperate, but I don't recommend this!  You're going to make a couple of 'Figure 3' shapes on the face, a 3 and a reverse 3 on each side.  The top curve of the 3 runs along the hairline, in front of the ear, and then just BELOW that cheek area you dabbed blush onto.  The bottom curve of the 3 runs from by the earlobe sweeping down to the joint at the back of the jaw, then along and just above the jawline to the chin. Fill in the curve at the joint to smoothly sweep to the jawline about 2" in front of the jaw. 

The bronzer puts a sort of false shadow on the face.  This pattern eases the high forehead, helps make the cheeks stand out, and makes the angular jaw less obvious.

Optionally use a little highlight or shimmer on the forehead center in a fan pattern, centerline of the nose, and curving along the upper edge of the cheeks to bring these areas forward, again minimizing the male curves and producing the illusion of feminine curves.

Optionally dust with a little setting powder and use a blending brush to ease lines at the edge of the bronzer into the foundation.
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Re: Not happy with my face
« Reply #2 on: January 01, 2018, 09:17:03 am »
makeup is a really good way to feminise the face!
if you can, invest in a cream contour palette! you can use it above foundation for a really carved look, or underneath so it looks a little softer :)
contour powders can be used to set the cream in place, and also to create shadows in areas such as the nose and the eyes. i'd also look into highlighting powders; they emphasise the high points of the face and draw attention away from the shadows you've created with contour. blush is important too! apply it to the apples of your cheeks as opposed to under the cheekbone, as it can make things look quite harsh.
for a more feminine mouth, apply a darker lipliner before going in with your lipstick. this gives the appearance of the border of your mouth being further back than the centre, making your lips look fully and more pouty. you could even apply a plumping gloss :)
i'd also recommend getting an eyelash curler, as curled eyelashes give your eyes a much more open appearance.
of course, makeup is not the only way to feminise the face! a shoulder length hairstyle will take attention away from your jaw. the current trend for eyebrows is thick and curvy, but groomed. prior to my transition, i would get my eyebrows threaded; while it's a little painful, it gives your eyebrows a nice defined shape and lasts a little longer than simply cutting or shaving away hairs.
i was (and still am) a very big makeup fan, so if you have any questions about anything i'm always available :)