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Any other novelists out there?

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It was writing that made me realise I wanted to transition. I desperately want to finish my current book but because I'm a pantser, there's a lot of work to do on the second draft and I'm going through so much <not allowed> right now.

Do you write genre fiction? If so, what genre?

My stuff is hard to place. I'm told it's urban fantasy but I don't really adhere to that label.

Jennifer RachaelAnn:
I stick to no particular genre with what I write. I have 2 books, one that is almost ready to publish, and several short stories. I'm compiling them into a book when I get enough of them written.

Once you finish the story, editing is easy. I have one book that is getting a major revamp of a huge chunk of the story. So it's all up in the air. Just write your style and ignore labels.

The best thing I ever did was join a few writing IRC channels. I think my work has improved more in a year than in ten years before that, and I'm constantly motivated to work to keep up with my buddies.

I started writing as way to relieve my anger and then it became a tool for documenting my transition...I have written an outline for a book but am still working a more refined one...I don't consider myself all that good but I enjoy it all the same

I used to write novels into notebooks when I was much younger (didn't have my own computer). But I don’t like to count those anymore, even though I used a lot of notebooks because they were rather long after all.

I have finished the last and first novel that I wrote on my computer (I don’t count the dozens of short stories or RPs here) in 2015 with around 200 pages. 
Then I started another one and got stuck in the middle. I wanted to continue and finish it before starting something new but I realised that I have grown apart from that story over the last year and will probably rather start a new project then and finish the other one whenever it concerns me again.

As far as genres go I don’t care and don’t know what the stuff I write could be called.
I won’t limit my writing and my ideas with a label or specialise on one genre or anything. I probably wouldn’t even be able to write that way because my stories and ideas and characters just randomly come to my mind without me thinking about a concept or a concrete idea first, that just developes automatically then.
I’m probably not a conventional writer regarding that matter. 


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