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Any other novelists out there?

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I wouldn't call myself a novelist persay, because the closest to getting my work published is on sites like deviantart. And honestly, that's good enough for me. Cause really, I mostly write for me. Its a way to express myself. An outlet. And to fantasy about a better world.
I do have one novel I'm re-writing/editing though on Deviant art, and a bunch of related short stories/"books" that follow it. Fantasy/Paranormal Mystery/Thriller on that genre.  Still developing the world though.
(Click the little dA icon under my avatar, hit gallery, scroll down to the folder Masahiro, then scroll down to the folder 'Thrill of the hunt' for my "novel".  There is the original, and the new stuff I'm editing there. Although, I think both first chapters look the same because I replaced the first chapter before I decided to leave both editions up)

I also write a LOT of poetry.

I write hard science fiction novels, urban fantasy, and an action/mystery series about a girl who works for the Palm Springs branch office of a large Los Angeles law firm.

Hugs, Carly.

Paul Muad-Dib:
Not far off the end of my BA in English and Writing and I'm getting into serious writing. I think I'm kind of expected to start writing a novel for publishing at this point. Lots of people have asked me about it.

I write in various genres: horror, (urban/dark) fantasy, (LGBTQ+) romance and scifi (dystopia).


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