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Make me a channel of your peace.

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Every Sunday evening I try to attend a meeting of meditation and hope in the guise of recovery from addiction. This AA meeting begins with a bit of time devoted to silent medition after which we read the Prayer of St Francis. I am not a Christian, but this prayer attributed to a saint of the Christian fath speaks to me. The themes are universal and profound; they define what I think is the spiritual transcendance that an authentic life demands.

I wish you peace, now and forever


More thoughts on a beautiful afternoon.

I’ve hovered on the edge of frustration and despair for some months.  It seems that social and earth justice, generosity of spirit, and equality of all peoples just keeps getting discarded for short term gain, and selfishness.  A general anomie has had me in its grip for too long.  Somehow that near despair seems to be dissipating from my spirit and I think I may be ready to go out into the world with new eyes once again.

Nothing has objectively changed.  The leadership of the USA is still bigoted and acquisitive.  Children here and elsewhere are exploited and discarded without regret or recognition of the fundamental wrongness that this represents.  Bombs continue to fall, bullets continue to take the lives of black and brown young men with appalling regularity.  Gay, and transgender people continue to be killed and oppressed for who they love or who they are.  The sadness is ever eclipsed by still greater evil and unspeakable pathologies.

But a week ago I gave fresh cherries to a family with nothing to eat.  Saturday I captured in images the celebration of the creation of a new family.  Sunday I held a clipboard for a woman whose arms were full of her ten day old child so that she could add her name to a list of people who were gathered for meditation and renewal.  Tonight I will break bread with a family who has spent many years ministering to men and women who struggle with autism.  This weekend I will spend with my beloved friend JAX in the woods of the northern Cascade Mountains.
My life is, by any measure, full.  My needs are met – including my need to be of service to those to whom I would teach the message of peace.  I cannot change the world, but I can take responsibility to change my relationship to it and in so doing add my spirit to the cause of transcendence – the cause of peace.

So my loves, my friends, my fellow travelers; I pray that your lives are blessed, that you find love, that you are filled with bounty.  My friend Deanna greets me with Nǐ jīntiān chīfànle ma  ”Have you eaten rice today?” Have you been gifted with what you need today?  I pray that you have.


It makes me happy to know there are people like you out in the world trying to make it a beautiful place for everyone.

Sadly we usually only hear of the tragedies in the world. Rarely are the moments of simple kindness & good shown to the world at large, so it's easy to despair for humanity. But there is as much (if not more!) goodness in the world than evil.
'A single moment of beauty can light the darkest day'. No idea if that's an actual quote or if I just made it up.

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Tessa James:
Keep on singing Julie.  We both know it as a balm for the heart and soul :icon_headfones:


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