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Myranda's HRT Journey to Self Discovery & Happiness

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This thread is meant to be a journal of sorts of my HRT travels and experiences:

A bit of back ground, since about 2008 I dabbled in herbal feminization products after I bad break-up with my fiance at that time.  I'm not really sure what started me on that road, but I found myself there.  I was also dabbling in crossdressing as well.  But for the most part it was streaks of a few days or weeks here and there over the years.

In late 2015 my wife and I began to have martial problems, and I found myself starting and stopping herbal regimines, for no more than a  week here and there, and never longer than a couple of weeks if that.  this past fall she found some of the pills I was taking and confronted me about it.  A huge part of me was terrified and embarssed by it, but it gave me the strength and freed om to start seeing a therapist about my gender identity issues and then shortly afterwards I saw my  GD for informed consent. I went to 2 appointments with my GD to discuss the informed consent process and establish some base line lab work.  I had a 3rd appontment scheduled where we would have reviewed the informed consent foremd signed it and gotten my perscriptions but IU had chickened out, mostly due to hoping I could salvage my marriage.  At that time I had opted to do another round of Testopell pellets as well.  And for a few months I was all good.  Then around the 3 month mark on those pellets I began to really wish I had started my MtF HRT regime at the beginning of the year and made an appointment with my GD.  THe earliest I could get in was the end of June 2017.

I managed to get in to see my GD nearly a month earlier then I had scheduled, and had my 3rd Informed consent appoint on June 5th.  My GD and I went over and signed my Informed consent form and I was prescribed a low dose of Estradiol.    I had dabbled in PM and Natureday over the last few years and never really stuck with either for more than a couple of weeks. This fall I  had tried BO for a week or so.  Up until this point, I hadn't been able to see much of any affect or physical changes.  I think I had developed some amount of fatty tissue in the breast area enough to note my measurements as 38 1/2 inches under and 39 1/2 inches over.

The next morning, I took my first dose of Estrogen.  About half way through the day (if even that long), I started to notice random aches and pain in my chest area. I tried not to think too much of this aching and what not.  The Second day, it became more noticable, but I was still afraid it was all in my head.  Late the second day or early on the third day, I noticed what seemed like a really sore muscle on my left side in the area where breast tissue starts to wrap under the arm pit. And later that night, as I was watching TV, I noticed the achy feeling all across my chest area, and it feelt warm or something.  I have also noticed  a change in my skin.  It feels much more soft and smooth feeling and more oily, but not oily. That part is hard to describe.

I over the last 3 days I've tried to tell myself that these achy feelings were all in my head.  Now I am not so sure.  They come and go, but today were much more steady and a bit more uncomfortable.

I am not on Sprio or any T-blocker.  In fact Feb 28, I did a round of T -pellets as  I tried to sort things out.  Prior to starting that my T was 238ng/DL.  On May 22, just before I was schedule for a new pellet placement round my T was 408ng/DL.  Last July, before I did my first T replacement with Pellets it was 194 ng/DL.

So my T is naturally now in the 200 area.  Could I be responding to the Estradiol so well practically immediately?

1 Month Update:

I may have gained 1/2 inch over and am now 40inches over and 38 under.  I think that this difference in measurements could be a result of any variation in how I measured myself etc...

But over all, I haven't noticed much discomfort or swelling or itchiness since early on.  My mood may be a bit  happier, despite a ton of negative stuff going on in my life right now.  One thing I have noticed in comparison to when I was taking herbal supplements, is that I am no longer having any kind of <I don't understand> am I doing  moments that made me stop taking the herbal supplements.

1st Follow-up appointment with my GD July 11, 2017

It was a fairly easy and informal appointment. a few questions about how I was feeling  since I started on Estrogen.  I asked my GD a bunch of questions about Spironolactone and discussed my options moving forward. I had a long discussion about the pros and cons (side effects) of adding an Anti-Androgen to my regimen.

She gave me the option the option of just doing blood work to check my hormone levels, both T and E, increasing my Estradiol, keepiong the Estradiol the same and adding a T-blocker, or checking my hormone levels, increasing my Eatradiol and when my lab work comes back making a decision about adding in the Spironolactin.

I opted for the later option and am now on what I think is generally considered a medium dose of Estradiol. I had gone into thmy follow-up under the impressions that we would not discuss, let alone consider increasing  it until after 3 months.

I am still leary about starting the testosterone blocker for several reasons. But at this point if my Estrogen levels are not notocobly higher and my T is still in my normal range, i will seriously consider adding it. A year ago my T was at 194. In January, after 4 months of T pellets it was in the 280s and at the end of February is was down to the 230s, before I started another round of T pellets. Oddly enough it was around the 3 month mark on T pellets, both times, that I really considered starting  HRT with Estrogen.

Today: July 13, 2017.

My GD emailed me with my lab results, my total T is at 180mg/dL, so about the same as a year ago.  I am honestly not surprised that is where my total T is at after only 1 month.  Sadly, she did not order any tests to check my Estradiol levels.  She said it was much to soon.

I made the bold decision to start on Sprionolactone today.  After 1 dose, I have been peeing like crazy, but I am also drinking a ton of water today too because of the effects it has on the body (diuretic etc...).  I need to go get some lab work done in 2-4 weeks to check my kidney functions and electrolytes, after being on the Spiro for a bit.   Then I follow-up with my GD in September when we will likely check all my hormone levels.

At this point, I am fairly excited about all of this, and look forward to taking my next dose.  I find my self counting down til then all the time.

But at this point I am feeling good.  I'm still waiting for the big changes/development to kick in.  I haven't noticed any budding yet.  My breasts/nipples are not sore or sensitive or anything yet, but I am eagerly awaiting for that to happen.  I;ve heard it is both torture and delightfull all at the same time.

But most importantly at this point it is still way to early in this process for me to get any of the answers I am looking for.   But I am positively looking forward to the journey.  Now that being said, can we get some physical development started already please.  What does a girl have to do to get her breasts to start growing?  :D  Patience is the key I know.  But still....


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