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Evil Lyn:
Recently, I was invited by a gentleman by the name of Reverend Campbell to do a vidcast interview on being a transgender Satanist.  Satanists are rare as is, as are transpeople, so finding an openly transgender Satanist is about as rare as a Bigfoot sighting. Being a retired Veteran, I have the freedom to come out and be open about both my affiliation and gender being the attention whore that I am sometimes, I accepted the invitation.

Reverend Campbell is an absolute gentleman and carries himself very well  during the interview. 

Topic now open again

Evil Lyn:
*OP Note:

In times past, I have shared links with no issues and did not realize one had to be Family to do so (completely and totally my mistake).  The link was removed, so until it is approved and/or I reach Family status again, if anyone is curious about the interview send me a PM and I will gladly direct you to it.  Thank you.

I grew up in Haiti, with American parents, and most of the island is Catholic, while often practicing Vodou on the side. LGBTQ people are often persecuted by the church, but transgender people find acceptance and often hold import positions in Vodou, much as the Native Americans trained "two spirit" people to be shamans.

Jennifer RachaelAnn:
You're not the only Satanic person here. I have been Satanic for about 20 years officially. It gives a person enough pride to realize that they don't need to waste their time worrying about pissing off some little pantywaists that's not even worth their time to begin with. If you have a problem with that, kiss it. There's a couple things I'm looking at the pros and cons before I make a final decision. But there are a few of them that I'm about to fully tell them off and make their true colors be shown. The "people" in question are as worthless as a milk pail under a bull.

And believe me, when I do it, all Hell is gonna break loose...


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