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Texas bathroom bill passes dispite 10 hours of testimony

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Texas bathroom bill passes despite 10 hours of testimony

Pink News/By Meka Beresford   07/23/2017

Dee Marshall:
There's still a chance to stop it. I've been following this closely since a nice young lady I know is affected. Her parents have set up a group to fight these things in Texas. If you're of a mind and live there it would be great if you got involved in the protests.


April 22, 2015, the day of my first face to face pass in gender neutral clothes and no makeup. It may be months to the next one, but I'm good with that!

Being transgender is just a phase. It hardly ever starts before conception and always ends promptly at death.

They say the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train. I say, climb aboard!

Think outside the voice box!

This was a Senate committee.  In Texas, the more moderate body is the House, which has yet to pass a similar measure.

I heard rumors that it would probably die in the house and that plenty of the polticos are afraid of boycots and negative publicity. We need to keep that pressure up.

The latest I am hearing this morning is that the House adjourned without passing the Senate's bill, so it is officially dead.


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