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Hi, my name is Patstar.  I've been away from these forums for about a year and a half.  I would guess that a couple of people here remember me.

 The main things to have taken place in my life in the time I've been away are:  (1) I lost 56 pounds last year (from 210 to 154), twelve of which I have put back on since.  (2—more importantly) I also had a total orchiectomy this past May (yay!).

I was extremely happy with the results of the surgery: both testicles were removed and I experienced no real pain at all post operation and in the recovery.  (Anyone in Rhode Island that would or the northeast would like the name of my surgeon, just ask.)  However, I am somewhat disappointed in the effects of the procedure so far (okay I AM 63, still.....).  After nearly three months I still physiologically look like a man.  Blood-work says that just about all the testosterone is out of my body.  Yet there has been no decrease in my physical strength (which is good and bad I suppose), and I have no problem producing full erections (again, good and bad as long as IT's still there, lol), etc.

This brings me to the true purpose of this thread.  Does anyone Know of the existence of any transgender meditation group to say, enhance feminization—within or out of these forums?  The effects of group meditation have been pretty well documented have resulted in rather profound data, considering the the limitations in number of meditators, etc.  And this is for focusing on external events (internally?).  At least the frontiers of science seem to be falling in line with spiritually, more and more coming to the conclusion that even physical reality is NON-physical and mutable.  Also, Einstein did say: "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

Now, I have digressed a bit, but does anyone know of or interested in group meditation and other spirituality regarding <transgender>.....other than the dubious stuff on Youtube. 

P.S. I also just want to discuss spirituality from a serious transgender perspective.

Okay.......I VERY much care about this thread.  Therefore—in spite of the lack of response I'm not going to discontinue it.  So, I'm going to fight for this thread.......and my vision, and try to better communicate what I put forth.

In this "Brave New World" (and Age) of the early Twentieth Century we have gone past questioning to affirming two things that were previously held to be self-evident in the opposite: gender and reality.  The simplistic era of the nature of reality—seeing is believing (and knowing)—has completely ended.  I profoundly believe that the two major developments of at least the early Twenty-first Century shall (CAN) be what constitutes being male or female and the validity of the extrasensory reality.

Anyone who thinks that a lot this non-physical/spiritual reality and the interconnected nature of all things stuff is New Age mumbo-jumbo nonsense needs to read books like "The Secret Life of Plants: A Fascinating Account of the Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Relations between Plants and Man" by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird.  Science is POWERFULLY confirming just about all of these things.  The non-physical interconnected Universe is as much as much a reality as transgender men and women.
I will also go out on a bit of a limb and say that these CAN be THE two most important developments (sociologically and otherwise) in the first part of this century.  Why can't the two be "interrelated"?  I think that trans-women (and trans-men) should not rule out the power of meditation—for more than a few objectives.

At the very least can we start to dialog a bit on this fascinating subject(s)?



Steph Eigen:
I have practiced Buddhist meditation (mostly Zen school of thought) off and on for many years now.  The goal is mainly to obtain greater insight and a degree of abstraction from the immediate physical world allowing dispassionate examination of ones emotional state, motivations, reactions and thoughts.  This is a gross oversimplification and along with this is the important task of quieting the noise and random activity of the consciousness, the "monkey mind."

Neurophysiologically, the brain goes into an altered state characterized by hightened theta activity on EEG as well as other definable changes in activity.  There is a great book on by MIT neurophysiologist, James Austin, who became quite engaged in Zen meditation and describes his personal experiences and well as the scientific underpinnings of meditation practice and it's history:

It is a tour de force yet very accessible to the non-expert reader.  It's a big book, about 900 pages but broken up into small chapters.  If you are in any way interested in meditation, I overwhelmingly recommend it as required reading.

I suppose there are much more spiritual stories in the Buddhist scriptures of physical effects of meditation or the nearly superhuman acts of the great masters of the practice.  On a realistic, mere mortal level, don't expect magical body transformation.

The YouTube feminization videos are not credible.   To be clear, they are not meditation in the sense that most understand meditation.

I had found some hypnosis files that are supposed to do something similar to what you're saying, but I'm not sure how reliable they are.  I did listen to a few, and I felt like they worked, but could be a placebo kind of thing.

Steph Eigen:
The ones that claim to grow bobs are nonsense. 


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