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Transgender Transformation Group Meditation

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I have been meditating for over 40 years. Started with Transendental with my mantra and then becomming  zen bhuddist and today I live in Bangkok continue to be a devout bhuddist. Used to believe I could be enlightened in this lifetime but accept that this is not my time.

Meditation has many levels. When you start you look for emptyness. Later under Zen you pondered the koans also. Fasting creates a new dimension in meditation after 5 days. All that being said you cannot change your physical shape, you can become healthy and not fat but some suggestions that you can develop feminine shape by meditation is not possible. My master would laugh at such a concept.

I can understand how some begining meditators feel that elation and power as they reach their first state of conciousness to the world while meditating but as Susuki, an enlightened Zen monk who has written many books has said. When you first find that state of alternate conciousness the tress are no longer trees, mountains are no longer just mountains. But as meditation advances the trees are just trees and the mountains just mountains. We don't seek answers as a buddhist but ponder the questions. These questions have no answers and the zen master question are Koans.

So sorry but this is my view from my life as a buddhist..

Thank you for your response Warlockmaker.  Hmmm, have you ever tried group meditation—or really read about test or experiment results regarding it?

I believe in the power of the human mind.  Quantum physics (and physicists now) support the idea that thought influences matter (reality) on at least a subatomic level with merely one observer/thinker.  What might a sizable focused group achieve?  Also.....even plants have proven to possess some small degree of consciousness and psychic capability ("The Secret Life of Plants", etc).  I honestly think thank our species could learn much from plants.

Could we start group meditation session with a much more modest goal(s)?  Forming a genuine connection?  Bonding?  Then maybe once the group has a substantial size, how about focusing on affecting the negative attitude toward LGBT individuals by still TOO many people.  Just a few thoughts and ideas. 


And through positive, focused grouped meditation perhaps we can positively influence this sort of thing: -- --

Yes, yes I know full well that Dailywire is a dubious conservative "news source" associated with Fox TV News and that some of the details in these stories are highly questionable, nonetheless this is a growing problematic and dangerous trend that we need to address in SOME manner.  And there is strong evidence to indicate that focused group meditation has affected negative things such as crime--even on a worldwide basis.  At the very least, sadly, this IS concerning.

There are so many wonderful things which we might do if we put our minds together in meditation.

"But this doesn’t mean we can just sit around and wait to be saved. The Golden Age has occurred in our future timeline precisely because of the awakening that is happening now. And each of us has the responsibility—and honor—to play a part in this beautiful shift and make it happen. When we become disheartened when we watch the news and see all the negative things happening around the world, we can remember that this is not an accurate reflection of the state of the world. Earth is a much more positive environment than we think it is—we simply get only the negative stuff shoved in our faces night and day. And while most of the world’s problems are due to a tiny minority of elites who have a lot less power than they would like us to believe, it is we who give them their power, and it is we who can just as easily take it back."

—Reality Unveiled, Ziad Masri

This is pivotal period in our society's history. A part of the future could well be in your hands (or more accurately minds) Are there no visionaries here?   


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