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Dear all,
James Barrett's (of Charing Cross GIC, U.K NHS fame) has just published a book entitled 'Transsexual-Other-Disorders'.......

It is being sold unfortunitely on Amazon:

Any patients or ex- patients with negative experiences (quite a lot see the 'U.K NHS poor treatment of Gender Dysphoria' thread) do what I did and tell them the truth about his and Charing Cross's horrendous attitude towards patients and what Charing Cross GIC is really like. If enough people complain, hopefully the book will be withdrawn. Many people over the years have had extreme disatisfaction with Charing Cross GIC and I urge as many of them to e-mail the publishers with their comments:


Posted on: November 30, 2007, 07:09:14 AM
Christine Burns:
An internal Charing Cross memo penned by James Barrett in August and seen by several observers of this controversy also reveals some of the mindset within the centre. In a blow by blow tirade aimed at the latest draft of a document being prepared by the Parliamentary Forum, Barrett shows distinct contempt for trans people as a whole (and trans campaigners in particular). He dismisses the modern day self-descriptive language of the trans community, angrily asserts that transsexualism is a mental illness and takes "extreme exception" to a section saying that 'patient satisfaction audits should be undertaken'. He reckons instead that a more independent measure of outcome than patient satisfaction audits should be applied"

... presumably meaning that the patient's view is secondary. It is therefore extremely timely that a brand new and detailed report has now been published, lifting the curtain of silence around the state of Charing Cross GIC and reporting on what referring doctors as well as patients actually think about the service. The new report, entitled "The Medical and Related Needs of Transgender People in Brighton and Hove" has been researched and written by Brighton trans campaigner Persia West, and was funded through the local LGBT community forum, "Spectrum", by the Brighton and Hove City NHS Teaching Primary Care Trust. The report, which is now available to read at
spares no punches in its critique of a service which is coming under increasing scrutiny from many quarters.

Rather than steal any of its' thunder, however, I recommend that you read it and that you make sure everyone you know reads it too and starts asking the questions that it poses. Needless to say, this is a story which will be continued...

Christine Burns
18th November 2004