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Changing your name on the Forum.
« on: August 07, 2017, 04:27:03 am »
Honestly, it is easier than outside the Forum but we do have a process!

The reason we have a process is so that we can keep track of people and to prevent those who change their name just to avoid bans, troll others, or for other malicious intent. Sadly we have had all of those occurrences. We also want to stop people changing their name too often so that we all remember who you are from your posts and we can relate with you.  You are after all family :-*

Firstly; Don't create another account, I can see it is a duplicate and while I sometimes let them exist to see what the person is up too, they are closed down.

So the right way.

Check to see if the name is already in use by going to 'members' in the tool bar area and checking.

Ask a Mod or myself to change it via a PM or post in,196460.120.html

It is then a 2 step process and your email address in your profile needs to be correct - so check it!!

Your screen name, the one seen on the site can be changed by a Mod, the User name (membership) name can only be changed by Admin (me). 
Staff members are not always awake at the same time so there may be a time lag in the two changes.
Once the membership name is changed you are sent an email to notify you to change your password. So your email address needs to be correct- see above.

You are allowed 2 name changes a year.

If there is a need for an emergency name change let us know. We will always try to help as much as we possibly can.

Your confidentiality is up to you. Be very carful of identifying yourself, Susan's is a public forum and your avatar and name are open to all of the internet.


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Re: Changing your name on the Forum.
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2017, 03:53:10 pm »
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