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Hey, I'm in highschool, and I want to try to transition publicly sometime soon. My current plan is to straighten my hair and cut it to about chin length, then wear some more feminine clothing. Does anyone have any advice on what I can do to make sure I'm seen as female? (im already fine with my voice)

I'm about 5'9" and have a fashion sense that basically consists of a t-shirt and jeans with maybe a necklace of some sort.

EDIT: the title doesnt seem to want to change but this no longer has pics

Make your brows thinner.  Pluck only the bottom side.

If you need to you can do this over time so no one notices.

Maybe hair extensions? Or color them blue (or some other radical color or just add highlights).

Nice lips (especially when you keep them plumped). Yes to brows - it might be cheap enough to do them professionally. Look what other girls of your ethnicity do with their hair and clothes and makeup.

Hi Girl,

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