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Calling all queers!!!

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hey everyone!!

Okay so my brand new GF has joined... and I can't remain in hiding anymore... will therefore become active here again, posting ... 

thought I might give this forum section another chance of coming to live... i mean, REALLY...

It cant be that the very few peeps who;ve posted in this section are the only ones who see themselves as genderqueer out of all 750-something members of this site!!!
where are you?? who are you? what are you? why?

looking forward to your replies... and secretly hoping that some lurkers will come out of the woodworks with me, hehe  :D

cheers 4 queers!


Whenever I've been called a queer I say, "Queer but not gay!"

But I'm still in the middle of finding out who/what/where I am in the continuum.  Right now I feel like I'm in between both genders so I guess I fit somewhere within the genderqueer definition but I still feel that I'm moving and have not found my true place, if you can imagine what I mean.  I am presnting more and more with attributes from both ends of the spectrum, though.

I wonder if the negative connotations of the word, "queer" have something to do with the lack of posts here?


wow! one reply!
Thanx a bunch, Helen!

I'm not sure that the negative connotations are a big issue... I mean, queer is one of those pejorative terms that is being reclaimed effectively... though maybe the meaning of queer as genderqueer as opposed to queer standing for homosexual is not that widely known yet. Several people have told me they did not know the TG meaning of "queer".

For me all meanings of the word apply, I'm queer in every w(h)i(t)ch g(w)ay!

Anyone else???

Alex the gendersWitch (sWizard ???)

Well, I don't really know. I might be genderqueer, I'm still trying to figure everything out. Though I am pretty sure I'm more male than female, it's finding out just how much more that is the problem right now.

I geuss I'll figure it out eventually. :)

   Very interesting question! I hope my response will be of some use or intrest. I do not know where I am. I know i'm male (physically) but there has been continual thoughts about "it did feel good to CD." I see myself as a male and I want to be one but i find it hard to come to a balance between my male characteristics and female characterisitics without seperating the two. Its a daily struggle but I know with each day I grow stronger. I apologize if this is off topic at all but this is how I feel about my gender.


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