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LGBT Institute Southern Survey 2017



--- Quote ---The LGBT Institute at the Center for Civil and Human Rights has partnered with Georgia State University to conduct a survey of LGBTQ individuals in the South. This is a study of, by, and for Southern LGBTQ people, with the support of many community and grassroots organizations.
--- End quote ---

Just passing this along. Link originally posted on Facebook by therapist/minister Erin Swenson. (erinswen)

Took me more than "30 minutes"!!

<Survey Link Removed by moderator Until Approved>

(Thx Judy A** for cute cartoon!)

--- Quote ---Thank you for your participation in the ! Thank you for making your voice heard. It is important that we have many people speak up about their experiences as a LGBT person in the South.
--- End quote ---

Locking thread until survey is approved. Thanks for you understanding and cooperation in this matter. Hugs


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