Author Topic: Recommended Vocal Exercises?  (Read 298 times)

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Recommended Vocal Exercises?
« on: September 03, 2017, 11:31:47 am »
Does anyone have any recommendations on vocal exercises and techniques?

I've been over hours of youtube videos and countless sites now and the inconsistency and ambiguity is bothering me. (No one seems to ever bother saying how to pull the adam's apple back once up for instance, and they mostly just argue for their own technique and talking about how everyone else's technique is wrong. :x)

I've always been naturally talented with voices and use them constantly for comedic effect throughout the day, so can readily hit pitch/tone, and have hit some pretty solid voices a few times The problem is that I then have issues maintaining a realistic sounding voice and "remembering" how to get back to it when I do find one. So what I'm really wanting is just tried and true exercises for the muscles that will lend me that degree of control, but specifically with this in mind(as many exercises seem to apply more to singers). Slides seem to be in the ballpark, but I'm not a singer in the slightest and my voice breaks way too easily and sounds like they may be ineffective for me. The whole swallowing and holding it thing messes with me for some reason and I just start burping uncontrollably (and I still can't figure out the "pull back" part, though I can hold it up for a bit).

(I figure this is an area I can get a good head start on because no one will question me doing random girl voices in the slightest. It's the sort of thing I do already. :D)
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