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ok here something for everybody to ponder. for those of us that live in this oh so wonderful state of ohio. they won't change the gender on your birth certificate and places like the dmv and ss will check birth records, if i transitioned why would it void my marriage? imho, i don't see the logic in it if the state gov won't change my gender marker, why the hell would it void my marriage? because since the gov won't change the marker, legally by law i feel that i would still be a man and be abiding by all the governments want for a marriage between a woman and a man. i would like to hear opinions on this.. thanks

The federal Government has been on the lamb of lobby money so long they do not know how to tackle issues that do not pay campaign money. If they ever want total equality they need to banish gender from all identification and documents.

Social security administration just made it easier to change your gender msrker on the ssa system. The best and fastest way is a passport valid for full 10 years stating your a female or male if your mtf.  I'll take a image and upload the requirements

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