Author Topic: My friends kinda suck still and I think I have a crush on a 18 year old  (Read 232 times)

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Okay so I'm in high school. I lost all my friends about a year ago because apparently I'm too touchy or whatever and instead of being respectful they surrounded me and made me feel really anxious cause I thought they were gonna hurt me.
I'm not dwelling on it. They were always assholes anyway.
I moved schools recently and I made a group of friends and they all suck too. Theyre not extremely unhealthy like the other group but they constantly make fun of gender stuff and one of them refuses to call me my name and pronouns. He also always calls me a lesbian. No I'm a bi guy. I just want to  kick him. Ugh.
I have made a good group of senior friends but I'm not a senior so next year they'll be gone.

I just want good friends that will stay.
Theres also this guy in my support group that is really nice and super freaking cute. I can't tell if I have a crush on him or not but I found out this week that he's 18 so. If I do have a crush than too bad I guess.
And dating people my age is always the worst because (according to my doctor) the emotional trauma I've been through has caused me to age quicker (mentally) so I have the mind set of most 18+ year olds but the relationships are illegal and I just??? Ugh. It's a pety problem but I needed off my chest

<No foul language please>

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