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Anne Blake:
Hello friendly and over worked moderator, this rather technologically limited luddite needs help in changing her avatar. I have a new picture that is about 5.35 meg that I would like to get it into my profile, actually replace my current avatar. How can this be done? Any assistance (or outright doing it) would be greatly appreciated.


<brushing off doughnut crumbs> They usually resize automatically. Profile/forum profile/modify/upload an avatar, then use the browse button to select the image.

Hugs, Devlyn

Images over some size appear not to auto resize. My avatar came from a massive image and I had to resize it before loading it. If you are unable to resize it, let me know and I will do it for you.

Jessica Lynne:
Hi Anne, download this free app and follow the instructions. Cut your photo in half and load it again....   

Anne Blake:
Thank you all very much, my new photo is now posted. This old lady appreciates your assistance!



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