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Re: The Stephanie Chronicles
« Reply #2000 on: September 09, 2018, 11:31:26 pm »
Life is a joyful whirlwind lately. It’s been another full weekend.

Saturday morning we flew to breakfast again. Another couple from our field flew alongside, and we met D and E, whose plane I’d built and who we’d just seen the night before at my birthday party, at the airport restaurant. An old flying friend lives on the airport where the restaurant is, and I had a completely normal conversation with him about the plane we’d borrowed. People are pretty cool.

Today @sassycassie and I went on another longish bike ride. But first we stopped at a Bob Evans for breakfast, and were unerringly called ladies by our waitress and the cashier. We bantered with both, and were known simply as the women we are.

The last ride I’d tried I’d barely made it six miles. The heat was just too much for me. It wasn’t much cooler today, but I managed to keep it together and we made about 13 miles today.

At the turnaround point we stopped at a gas station for some Gatorade. While we cooled off and quaffed our beverages, a news truck from one of the Orlando TV stations parked in front of us. The driver said, “Hello ladies, you’re doing what I wish I was” (I assume he meant bike riding, not transitioning), and went in to get a snack. When he came out we asked if he could take our picture. He said, “Sure thing, girls!” Considering he was driving a news truck, I told him I assumed he knew how to use a camera, and I handed over my phone. He took one vertically, then came in for a close-up, saying, “Now let’s get one of those pretty faces.” One more wide shot with both our bikes, and he was on his way with our thanks.

You might recall that two rides ago I was misgendered by the cashier in the Panera Bread we’d had lunch at. Today, just as sweaty and grungy, we had lunch at a Crispers, and I was ma’amed with no problems. Squeee!

The whole day was perfect, and when I finally got home and showered, I decided to fulfill a dream I’ve always had. I had always wanted, after a hot day and a cool shower, to lounge the rest of the evening in a pretty sundress. I dug out a pareo sundress that I’ve owned for about 20 years and tried it on. For the first time since I’ve owned it, I showed a waist and a hint of hips, and actually had something of my own to fill the top with. As I stir fried dinner, I kept stealing glances of my reflection in the kitchen window, hardly believing it was me I was seeing.

I also realized that riding with only a sports bra on, I’d gotten a bra tan. Squeee! It looked a little silly with the sundress, but what could I do?

So now I’m typing this up in bed. I just couldn’t go to sleep until I shared my awesome weekend with my dear friends here. Thank you for walking with me on my journey.

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Re: The Stephanie Chronicles
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Lovely pictures Stephanie! Oh yes! Isn't it wonderful to have our own things to fill our clothes :D. I love your new avatar! I hope the week and next weekend goes just as well.

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Re: The Stephanie Chronicles
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