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Any seamstresses still out there??


As a big girl, I soon realized I'd better tune up my sewing skills. Either my size was hard to find, VERY expensive, or what could be found sucked. Someone gave me a sewing machine, learned to alter clothes, and create new ones. My wife and 2 adult sons love it because they also have hard to find sizes. (I got popular quick lol)
     They see me BEFORE they go shopping! Sometimes they tell me what they need, or bring an ad or catalog :). Just made a quilt from all my scraps today Easy way to clear my sewing room. (yes they GAVE me a room) I think sewing halfway saved my marriage :)
     Anyways, what kind of projects you work on?  I'd love to swap ideas

I'm an ardent hand-sewer and big fan of embroidery - probably the only girly things I love doing. There's just something about needle and thread that is just so... idk, primal and comforting to me. It's one of the oldest human arts there is!

The books I've been studying lately are by Alabama Chanin, a designer that's made her mark on the fashion world by the extensive application of hand-sewn garment construction and appliqued/embroidered embellishments. The books lay out ALL of her trade secrets, from stitching, to the applique patterns that they use in-house, to thread conditioning, to half a book's-worth of tailoring techniques. Those books are worth their weight in gold, even if you don't sew primarily knits.

My goal is to eventually, hopefully, translate the Alabama Chanin look and style of garment construction to a more masculine wardrobe for myself. I still love drapey, elegant clothes, and if I dress up to look nicely, I'll probably be much more inclined to wear something like this than a suit and tie.

PS - I suppose, too, that that's 'seamster' to you! ;]


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