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trans people targeted for "extermination"

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I have mentioned this before but it is important.On april 7 2016 .i was nearly killed by a hit and run. the circumstances say it was deliberate.shortly after I was run down shortly after midnight a black car was seen briefly stopped at the spot where my body was soon found. later that year a trans man of our Louisiana trans advocates was almost run down oncauseway blvd in Metairie. he says it was definitely deliberate as the cae changed lanes when the driver saw him and speeded up tp over 50 to try to get him he barely jumpedclear i n time it was a BLACK CAR and as it sped past he could hear someome laughing in it I suspect some group of "religeous" nuts is targeting us. soWATCH OUT FOR YOURSELVES. the auto is the perfect murder weapon and hard to prove it was deliberate

Charlie Nicki:
Wow that's terrible, did you and the other person press charges? So this is in Louisiana?

Charges are not needed. That was a hit and run which is much like attempted murder. The big issue would be locating the car and driver behind it.

that is the problem, finding out who did itNo one got a licence number in either case and the guy didn't report it to the police. not that they could have done much. I am offering a reward of  $10,000 plus 10% of any damages I may collect hoping that someone finks on them for the money.I was hit in new orleans right outside my home. one problem is getting my funds out of the control of the vicious sadist of a sister who got a power of attorney from a court while I was in a 4 month Coma. she tried to finish the job started by the terrorist by deliberately doing everything she could to upset me soon after I came out of the coma hoping that I got a fatal relapse so that she would inherit all my money.I need to find a pro bono lawyer.

If you suspect your sister isn't properly managing your money, you should request the court demand an accounting of the funds that were spent. The sooner you do this, the better off you will be. There are often stories in the paper where by the time the truth is discovered all the money is gone. Yes, the person goes to jail but that does little to help the person who was cheated.


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