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Does Transgender Middle Way = non-binary?

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--- Quote from: KathyLauren on November 16, 2017, 08:17:18 pm ---I don't think I am increasing my attachments by transitioning.  Society would like us to think that, because it reinforces their view that transitioning is wrong.   But when I examine my motivations, I find that the attachment was to my old male identity.  I clung to that sucker for more than 60 years.  And doing so caused me a lot of suffering.

My transition involves letting go of that attachment.  A lot of what the future will bring is up in the air.  My goal is to discover who I am.  There is nothing there yet to be attached to. 
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This. So much this. Thank you for sharing your thoughts - you've put into words almost exactly how I feel about my transition.


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