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Re: Scared.
« Reply #60 on: November 28, 2017, 08:10:13 pm »
I am sorry this is happening to you! I am glad you can share here and feel free to express your emotions. It's hard for them sure, but it is hard for a different way. We are expected to not only put up with out partners change and the impact on our relationship etc, but also others and the way they interact with our partner. They say that fro every trans spouse that comes out of the closet the cis partner goes in and I never really understood that until it actually impacted my life. Eli is now set up for top surgery and I find myself trying to deal with emotions that I had thought were put to bed  already. The consult is in a few weeks and I know hat I will be very sad and stuff afterwards, even though I will not love Eli any less than I do now and we are both commited to our relationship. I am Queer and darn it all! I will MISS those breasts....I try not to expound around them because they appologize and it does me pain as well to hear them appoligize for wanting to be who they are both inside and out. Trans and NB partners have accepted themselves mostly before telling us in most cases, but we have to work through accepting that. There is not any shame in that and take the time you need. As for your partner liking males you ever watch male actors and find them sexy and attractive? This does not change your orientation at all...maybe your partner is going through this as well???
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