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Neutral gender bathroom in Spain


Hi there!! ;D

I'm really interested on knowing better about gender neutral bathrooms in Spain.
Would you happen to you know any? Is there any mobile application that helps us finding them (if they even exist)?

For me, this is a really strange topic because even though in some research Spain is ranked as the first country in transgender rights (, I live in its capital, Madrid, and I can't find any neutral gender bathroom or even information about it... not even in high touristic areas.

Is transgender rights just rhetoric here? Or am I missing something??  :-\

Have you tried Barcelona?  I have heard that it has almost a different culture to most of Spain.  I know that they have the Festival Internacional de Cinema Gai i L├Ęsbic de Barcelona there, so perhaps they are more switched on about transgender issues too.

Thank you, it was quite interesting to read about it there

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