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GCS & BA with Dr. Ley at Meltzer clinic

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Quick trip from Seattle to Scottsdale.  Arrived in the evening, perfect weather (this ain’t August), nice dinner with Mariah and her spouse Jamie.  The connection between Mariah and Jamie is like an incredibly powerful magnet that immediately drags everything across a room and impossible to pull apart.  And they are warm like Arizona. 

Left to right: Kendra, Jamie, Mariah

Yeah that’s a big heap of broccoli on my plate.  Indulging my fetish for exotic food.

Next morning, 9:30am appointment at Toby Meltzer’s clinic.  Starbucks is one building away so I’m already liking the place.  Lots of parking, quiet, clean.  Inside is super nice, comfortable waiting area, everyone I met was pleasant and professional. 

The exam room was the nicest I’ve ever seen - had all the standard medical equipment but the colors and finishes are more like a designer kitchen.  An assistant came in, for about 20 minutes we went over questions and topics to save time for the exam. 

Dr. Ley was next.  I could tell she had already gone over everything I had just discussed with the assistant, didn’t need to repeat anything.  First impression is a scientist not a salesperson... she started out seeming a bit shy, but after those first few minutes she switched gears and became warmer and easier to connect with. 

Left to right: Dr. Meltzer and Dr. Ley, photo from their web site

I was surprised at the amount of detail and amount of time Dr. Ley talked - I feel like I’ve had a crash course in vaginoplasty.  She covered the procedure, risks, desired outcome and results her patients have had.  She does a two-stage GRS with labiaplasty 3+ months later, same process as Dr. Meltzer and other surgeons Meltzer has trained.  Every question I asked, she immediately answered in detail with average reported outcomes and the percentage outcomes of her patients, and an explanation of what causes what (for example granulation).  She mentioned she will be presenting her findings at a surgical profession conference later in the month.  I also brought up BA (Breast Augmentation) and we went over that as well. 

The exam itself went pretty fast but I never felt rushed.  She had concerns I’ve only been on HRT 3 months but that was initial confusion because most patients start HRT before electrolysis and I did the opposite.  I’ve had electrolysis 2x/month down there starting eight months ago and laser the previous year.  Based on Dr. Ley’s exam I am done with that, although to be 100% certain I’ll continue getting that area zapped just for the fun of it until end of this year.  She mentioned there shouldn’t be any electrolysis two weeks prior to surgery. 

Time there was two hours start to finish.  Main surgery will require 4 hours with 9 days in the hospital & recovery center. 

Based on our meeting I completely trust Dr. Ley’s experience and knowledge.  I made this appointment based on Dr. Ley working directly with Dr. Meltzer for more than a year, and based on chats I’ve had with others from Susan’s who have gone to Dr. Ley or have helped patients here. 

She said I am medically ready.  I went back to the lobby, paid the deposit and confirmed my surgery date for GRS: January 18, 2018.  All the way to the airport and on the way home I couldn’t stop smiling.

I had a pretty funny experience at the airport.  TSA and everyone was fine (I’ve never had any issues).  I received my replacement US Passport last week with updated gender marker and name, but my drivers license had my old name and marker so I made this flight reservation under my previous name.  The Alaska Airlines gate agent was greeting everyone by their first name as they scanned their ticket... I realized oh this will get interesting.  She scanned my ticket and stopped.  Looked at me, looked at her screen, looked at me, completely baffled.  She couldn’t comprehend how my name could be Ken.  So I said “yeah I need to update my ID!”  She nodded and politely said “okay...” and I walked onto the plane.

I’ve told others the best way to get passable is to smile, and I couldn’t stop smiling with my surgery date in my hands. 

Congrads, sounds like you had a great trip.  Your visit with Dr. Ley sounds so reassuring that you have selected the right dr for you.  There record at Scottdale is great, only thing one has to understand that they do a two-stage procedure which has its pros and cons.  Good luck to you in January.

Anne Blake:
Congratulations Kendra, January is not that far off! I am glad that you and Dr Ley got off to a good start. I very much enjoyed my interactions with her and trust her abilities completely. FYI, I am just under 2 months post op and healing without complications, she did good work. - Tia Anne

Tia Anne, you are one of the reasons I set up an evaluation with Dr. Ley - and made my decision.  Sharing your experience has helped many others. 

Yeah, the weather has cooled down here in the last couple weeks. It’ll be even nicer when you come back in January. Glad it all worked out well and good luck with the procedure.

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