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Favourite trans YouTube channels?

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I was hoping there would be a topic of ‘Youtube’ in Entertainment, but that’s really specific :)

For those who watch a lot of YouTube, who/what are your favourite YouTube channel?

For me, it’s Zoey Alexandria, Stef Sanjati, Maya, SophfromOz and a Girl for all seasons (who I feel like I can really relate to).

I'm old but I do wistfully watch the channels of young trans women.  Maya and Stef Sanjati you have mentioned.  Elena Genevinne and Clawdeena9 also make me smile.

my favorite was Sarah-n-dippity  ,Alexis Anderson,Brittney Kade, Cadence Matthews,Caroland, Chloe Self, Claire Green, Corey Bilous, Elise Noelle, Jamie Mackenzie, Jamie O Herlihy, Jordyn Aurora, Kadence Pinder, Kayla Ward, Landon Patterson, minorqback, Sara Weiss Liv, PRINCESSJOULES, Sona Avedian, Tessa Lee, TheRealMadisonKate, ZoeyZoco as well as others

I'm old but I watch a lot of trans YouTubers too. Some I've watched for a long time. I have other interests as well.

Some or my subs not yet mentioned:

Elle Bradford (one of my fav's)
AJ Clementine (Australian, young)
Isley Reust (interesting, LA kind of weird)
Chloe Arden (young Canadian) I've actually met Chloe
Angela Vanity (urban, sassy, obnoxious)
Brittanie Daniels (mature & pretty)
Matthew C (young transguy - anti-SJW)
Ty Turner (hot transguy)
Blaire White (troublemaker & political)
Daria Jane (Romanian, sometimes good)
Dawn Marie (black, pretty, overly flamboyant at times)
Emily Tressa (teen)
UndeniablyKate (teen, stopped posting)
Raiden Quinn (has vanished)

And some of the usual suspects: Stef Sanjati, Caroland, Princess Joules, Maya, etc. There's more and a lot seem to pop up in my feed.

Allison S:
Love this! I've been watching them all but I particularly liked:

TheRoxyReport for talking about depression for trans women. I mean I know they all (mostly) talk about mental health usually but she is articulates things so well.

Stef Sanjati really shares her surgery experience and I appreciate that. Personally makes it less daunting for me.

Zoey Alexandria is just relatable! She really wants to help other girls out with voice training which I like very much.

Miss London because she doesn't like people with penises (lol)

And last place is tied between Lana rivers and Catalina Pilar no I like them all and there's probably more I can't think of

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