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Prescription prepayment certificates


I thought this may be of use to those on two or more medications (blockers plus HRT, or multiple HRT meds). The NHS allow you to purchase a prescription prepayment certificate which lets you pay a lot less for your prescriptions.

--- Quote ---A prescription prepayment certificate (PPC) lets you get as many NHS prescriptions as you need for a set price. If you regularly pay prescription charges, a PPC could save you money.
The current prescription charge in England is £8.60 per item. A PPC costs:
£29.10 for 3 months
£104 for 12 months
--- End quote ---

As you have to pay £8.60 per item this can be quite a saving for long-term meds like hormones and blockers.

Charlotte F:
That's very interesting - thanks for sharing that Shiratori

I have a PPC for when I had a load of steroid creams and moisturisers due to my eczema, and it has saved me a bundle of money.

So very worth it, and when I get to a GIC and onto HRT through the No, I can imagine it’d cover the cost of them as well


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