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Thank you for your testimony.

I wish we could make this mandatory reading for all young people before they are tempted to use tobacco products. 


--- Quote from: MeTony on November 12, 2017, 01:33:20 am ---Why do we have to quit smoking to get treatment?

You will have to ask them. I do know that smoking inhibits proper healing of wounds; think surgical wounds (they are wounds).

I stopped smoking 25 years ago but use snus, wet snuff, that I put under my lip. No smoking hazards but a lot of nicotine. It is 10 times harder to quit snus than cigarettes.

Have you ever seen cancer of the mouth? You really don't want to se it and you REALLY don't want to have it. Take control of your life, don't let something or someone control it.
Is it nicotine that is dangerous? Or is it something else in the cigarettes?

There is NOTHING in cigarettes, snuff, tobacco that is good for you It is pure poison and will ruin your health and life if you refuse to cease using it.


--- End quote ---

Hi Tony,                    05 December 2019

I've posted here before on the subject of tobacco use. I happened by this thread and reread your post. I thought I'd add a few comments on the questions you asked.

I hope you have given up the nasty tobacco habit. If you haven't or won't, you will ultimately pay a very heavy price for your refusal to do so; it is up to YOU.

Wishing you and all the folks here at Susan's Place, a Very Blessed, Healthy, Happy and Tobacco Free Christmas and New Year.

Best Always, Love



--- Quote from: noleen111 on June 03, 2019, 09:50:43 am ---Well I have joined the ranks of a non smoker, I have not smoked in 5 weeks now..

I had a bit of a health scare, which forced me to stop.. I had some growth on my tonsils, which might of being caused from my smoking habit. The growth along with my tonsil was removed... no cancer or anything like that. But that was enough to scare me.

I was a smoker for about 12 years, which 10 of those was a daily smoker

The first week was hard, had some nicotine withdraw.. I had some serious cravings, but the cravings have subsided and I do feel so much better.. I still get some cravings, but they not near as bad and far in between.

I have no intention of smoking again, as I know if I cave.. I don't think I will be able to stop a second time.

--- End quote ---

I am still not smoking.. 9 months after quitting

I almost craved... about 3 months into my former smoker life... I had a bad day at work.. very stressful.. there were times that day.. I thought.. a cigarette will be nice now.. but it passed... Later at home... I was looking for something in my room and I found an old cigarette.. one of mine that must of fallen when I threw out my stash when I quit. then I got this craving I really want to smoke it... I even put it in my mouth.. the craving got stronger.. then I saw my lighter (I kept it as it was zippo).. it took a lot of will power not to light it.. but I did not....

I destroyed the cigarette... I knew had smoked that cigarette.. I would have gone and bought a pack and smoked another that day.. and more the next day.. I dont think I would be able to stop again.


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