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Good day Susan
I have a a few questions to ask.
I hope to be helped with this.

1.Eyelashes. How can I grow eyelashes naturally? My eyelashes is to small for mascara.

2. Is there a quick way to shrink my wide hands, feet and nose to look more feminine.

I hope someone has answers to help me..

Werrie. (MTF name should be Michelle)

I believe the discovery of minoxidil for restoring hairloss came out of a study where it was used for a an eye condition, and it was noticed that the study members eyelashes grew longer... Maybe something to investigate with the correct medical supervision ofc.
I don't think anything can be done for hands and feet. Rhinoplasty for noses.

I once read in a girls' comic that Vaseline on the lashes makes them look appear more prominent, and that some people think that it even helps them to grow.  Personally, I would be wary of putting something like that so near my eyes, though.

I'm sure that there is nothing that can shrink hands or feet without mutilating them.

Using mascara every day has helped my eyelashes grow slightly. Use water proof mascara. Even with small eyelashes you can put on mascara. This takes a lot of patience and practice, but you can master it after a while. Eye liner is also your friend. You might try false eyelashes, but they are a pain to get on right. If you have a few pounds to lose, weight loss can help a little with hands and feet. You might be able to drop a half size down in shoes. Growing your finger nails a little longer, not too long, keeping them manicured and using a clear nail polish can help create the illusion of more feminine hands. This has been my experience. Every little bit helps. It's all about the details.

I don't think minox is supposed to be used on eyelashes because it can really damage eyes? May be wrong. There are some eyelash specific medications though. Latisse is brand name. I just looked it up, and it is super expensive, over a 100 a month cheapest for generics, if your insurance doesn't cover it (which it probably won't for lash growth).

(Edit: fixed saying the generics were cheap. they are not. ;D)


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