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Seeking medical help. First steps.


Hey, I live in Yorkshire. I was wondering what the first step for someone suffering from gender dysphoria in the UK would be?
Do I just got to a gp and get recommended to a GID (my nearest is Leeds I think). From reading around I got the impression that some GPs don't know how to deal with gender issues, so I'm not sure what to do. I'm still closeted but want to transition some time next year.

Thanks in advance  ;D

big kim:
See your GP, he should refer you to a gender identity clinic. Be prepared for a long wait, use the waiting time to do electrolysis, grow your hair out etc

Just go to your GP and ask to be referred to the GIC you want to referred too. True many GP are clueless about how to treat trans people so you may have to teach your GP about what they need to do. Some still think you'd need to go to a general psychiatrist/therapist before being referred which is no longer a requirement.

After your appointment with the GP they'll fill in the referral form for you; then you'll have an appointment with a nurse to check your general health.

My local docs are great but got picked by a lady GP (from the one I was seeing) and she has been so helpful, its possible she already has a trans patient . You may have to search for the right one BUT any should refer you.


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