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Hi all,

Does anyone know of any good trans groups in W.Yorkshire?

I've found Transleeds, who I'm awaiting a reply from, but they seem somewhat thin on the ground unless your 18 years and under.

I tried the generic support forum page but didn't get any replies so I'm hoping asking here in the Uk bit might generate some replies.

Ellie xx

Ellie,  I'm afraid I'm not local to you. Is there  a local Beaumont Society group near you?

If you're ever down south, the Cambridge Diamonds group meet every week at a local pub for a safe chat.


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Same in south west Worcestershire, cant find any groups unless your young and go to "gay" bars.

I've had a look at the Beaumont Society but you can't seem to find out much about where they are unless you're a paying member.

Hopefully Transleeds will get back to me but there's no way to go to the monthly meeting if they don't because they don't advertise the venue.

There's Sparkle in Manchester but it's a little bit too far. It's an option though.

Seeing my therapist tomorrow. I'll see if she knows anywhere since it was here idea.

Ellie xx

big kim:
Rennaisance in Blackpool, a few Yorkies turn up most meets.


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