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So I have been on HRT

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rainecloude, that is where many girls start wearing sports bra to protect and cover their new developing nipples.

Veronica A:

--- Quote from: rainecloude on December 18, 2017, 12:13:52 am ---This is amazing progress lovely!

I remember by 3 months I definitely could no longer leave the house without at LEAST a sports bra just because my nipples became like super pointy.  :laugh:

Enjoy the ride!!

Much love. <3

--- End quote ---

so true, i am a bit further along then expected... which makes me soo dam happy.. wow its been 8 months.. and def notice teh fat redistribution..

my mind is so clear and i feel 100% better about myself and where i am going.. despite turning 40, which in and of itself is not a scary thing.. just the decades of T have left their mark. my folks being on holiday from now till late sep.. they will def notice.. in so many ways i am not looking forward to the confrontation, but in some ways i am.. the secret  will be out and i no longer need to hide when i am at home.. i know i will loose them and a few close siblings.. but such is life. much as it will hurt, it will be necessary its time and more than time enough for me to be myself and not what others want me to be. the pain is just too much, and quiet frankly i am sick of hiding, it gets old fast...


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