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Waxing, homemade application
« on: December 02, 2017, 06:57:30 pm »
As promised, here's what I did and how it went.

I've done lots of sugar-waxing, doing a couple of different GF's leg and bikini waxes and waxed myself as well. I've also had body waxing done just once professionally going to someone who used actual wax (that worked really well, less pain and more effective) and had my legs done at a place that used sugar method which happened to be my worst experience, no idea if that was technique or materials still pretty effective and hella better than shaving.

I got my recipe for the sugar solution from, no need to replicate it here but essentially mix and then cook/boil 1 cup sugar to about 2 tbsp each of water and lemon juice to a temperature of about 260F. At that point it will be light golden brown in color.

DO NOT PUT SOLUTION THAT HOT ON SKIN!! You'd get a second degree burn.

I am lucky to have a super accurate lab thermometer.but any candy thermometer should do fine.

Your hair should be short, 1/4-1/2" or 2-4 weeks after last shaving/waxing.

I've always judged temperature by going about the temperature of a hot shower and the solution at a consistency close to thin honey if it we're at room temperature. Spread in the direction of hair growth/lay.

When it spreads on it should easily go on very thin. Spread with a tongue depressor, butter knife, etc. I like to do fairly large areas, cutting woven, not knit fabric into strips, press down well onto wax surface, it's important that the wax wets out the fabric. I cut strips from cotton clothing, I think polyester would work ok, wouldn't try nylon.

Pull the fabric strip away very fast against the grain of the hair at maybe a 20-30 degree angle to itself (so the fabric is making a hairpin turn).


Laying down the wax too thick will definitely result in less good results. Bikini waxing really can suck between a higher density of hair than legs, body etc. I suppose too thin could be a problem but I've never seen that.

Anyhow it worked fine and I'm looking forward to doing my bikini area soon.

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Re: Waxing, homemade application
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2017, 07:17:33 am »
Thanks for the tutorial. :)  Did you notice any skin irritations from this?  Were there things you did to avoid skin damage (besides not scalding your skin with 260 degree
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Re: Waxing, homemade application
« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2017, 07:38:30 am »
Mostly I just rinsed after. When I go for the full Brazilian later this month I'll go research how to do before and after skin care because I know that area is more prone to damage. Like I don't know if you're better off applying a hot towel before in the way I would for shaving. My sense would be to not, warming skin opens the pores and makes the skin take in stuff that it wouldn't otherwise -- I know this from working e.g. in areas with heavy poison ivy, exposure to fiberglass etc where it's really important after to wash in cold water at first, not hot.

For things like legs, it's much easier. This time I was pleased to have absolutely no bleeding after (I'm not expecting the pubes to go that well). Usually there will be a couple of ingrown hairs after (but never as bad as when shaving), this time so far there's nothing like that.

I'll update after the Brazilian, yikes!!!