Author Topic: Which family words do you use of yourself? (sister, brother, sibling etc...)  (Read 192 times)

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Hi, (non-binary) guys!

Just came to my mind today: What kind of family-related vocabulary are you comfortable with?

Do you go with the ones that align your assigned sex at birth or...? Or the opposite if you transitioned? Or some words of your own making,  ;D?

So, what do you like to be called? Mom, dad, sister, brother, sibling, aunt, uncle etc...
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Daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece.

Born 1998
Started hrt 2015
SRS scheduled for 2018.

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My name. Or child or sibling.

I'm still Mama to the kids though.

Born May 1989 - Assigned Female
October 2016 - Came out to self/online
Feb/March 2017 - Officially came out to husband
April 2017 - Realized I'm Non-Binary
June 2017 - Started Therapy
August 2017 - Came out to parents
October 2017 - modified FB profile
November 26, 2017 - Came out on FB

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 >:-) tbh, anything really, it’s nice to just be acknowledged  >:-)


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My name. Or I prefer sibling for to describe me and my brother's relationship. And oddly liked to be called son instead of the more gender neutral term child by my dad bcos that'd be pretty cool. Not gonna happen though.
They/them pronouns preferred.

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I am with Julia! Daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, my name, her, she, dad, mom, or maddy! So with my kids it's a little different because they are still getting used to the whole thing. My family still doesn't call me but, by my dead name and totally wrong pronouns and I have asked them otherwise. So as on facebook my status is "it's complicated!"